Dennis Hamlet is an intern working alongside Hevari van Dysteria and an OC for the game, Devil Beater. He is a character who is based off the same book by William Shakespeare's original, Hamlet.


Dennis has brown hair along with 2 skulls on each of his sides, he wears a black trench coat and is just the basic of all summoners.


Dennis is somewhat in a melancholic state, which allows him to hide his true feelings, regarding to the personality of a haze user. Over the years, he attempts to plot an assassination on one of the Alliance interns, and by doing this he hides his true purpose of a sole killer instinct.


Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB: Skull Fire Commands a skull to fire a fireball at the enemy, dealing damage. 125 1.2 seconds
Q: Deception Preparation Summons two skulls as a 'starter', allowing you to prepare quickly. None 4 seconds (E alternate)
E: Skull Summon Summons skulls. Max is 4. None 2 seconds
R: Skull Bash Dennis launches one of his skulls at the enemy, gaining lifesteal in return. 300 16 seconds
F: "His Undead Shadow" Dennis enters his full resolute state, changing his normal skulls to shadow skulls and increases damage by that point. Buff - Lasts for 20 seconds 56 seconds


Hevari van Dysteria

- Not much is known about the relation of these two, only thing he wants is to team up with him.

Alliance Interns...?

- He does not seek a challenge to the Main 14, but he has a specific kind of intern whom he had a bad history with.


  • Dennis Hamlet is based off of the character with the same name.
  • His melancholic state is also a reference to the same book.
  • The concept of revenge is also yet another reference. :3