Key Desc Damage Cooldown
LMB Stomp your foot,causing a small shockwave,then shoot your revolver for high damage. Shockwave - 50

Bullet - 300

1 second
E Shoot up,causing a giant bullet to come back down. 500 3 seconds
R Shoot into your mouth,only to have the bullet go through,then come back,doubling damage next shot. -100 HP 5 seconds
F Throw some tumbleweeds,that will catch on fire and slowly pick up speed. After 10 seconds,they form a dust devil to deal DoT. 100 each tumbleweed.

Tornado -10 (PER TICK)

8 seconds


Increase LMB shockwave size.

Increase F Tumbleweeds

Increase E bullet size.


Came from the bad side of town,and always shamed for being a cosplayer. Eventually he got sick of it and commited a murder. The person he killed turned out to be a bankrobber charged with multiple thefts. He was awarded greatly,and decided to put his powers to the use. He joined a major company focused on stopping and saving civilians,known as The Inner Allies. He started out as a low-ranking soldier,but then slowly ranked up to become the weapons manager.