Moveset or whatever.


Key Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Dashing Donkey You swing your hammer and dash forward,backwards,left or right (only one) and your hammer continues to fly in that direction. Hammers poison enemies,dealing 50 damage every 3 seconds.New hammer after 1.5 seconds 400 (50 after 3 seconds) 1.5 seconds
E Final Fox Hit yourself with a hammer,reversing all controls,but doubling LMB damage. 50 to self 4.5392715123 seconds
R Erupting Elephant Smash the ground,and an explosion appears randomly on the map. 70 seconds later you then dash forward to it,and then back to your spot carrying the explosion with you,dealing 10 damage every 0.01 seconds for 10 seconds 1000 (i think) 10 seconds
F Godly Giraffe Your hammer grows in size (to about a fully maxed King's sword size) and you rise up and smash it,causing a giant shockwave,but causing you to flip over and the hammer smashes you,instantly killing you. Deals 100 damage every 20 seconds to the enemy (only once) 5000

(100 every 2 seconds)

20 seconds
Q Cooling Off Refresh all cooldowns,but delete all R explosions,LMB hammers and all damage buffs you have. 0 damage 30 seconds.
Passive Dazed Damage You have a 1/3 chance to dodge a hit,but get sent flying around the map. 0 damage 0 seconds
T Ticked off Taunt Plays either


0 10 seconds


Increase HP survived from F (yes +1 upgrade point makes you live the F) +10 hp per upgrade point

Increase LMB DPS (+1 damage per upgrade)

Increase R size. (+1.25 studs every upgrade)

backstory = wip

personality = wip

appearance = wip

logo = wip

moveset = wip

upgrades = done

stats = maybe done