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He wears ripped up PDA pants with sandals, and the standard Aether suit. His hairstyle is Brilliant Bombastique

He also wears a Roblox Naval Captain hat.

His face is the Tired Face.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Throw a ball of Haze for low damage. During crit, it deals 2x more damage. 50 damage, 150 crit 3 seconds
Passive Dante's projectiles slowly get bigger over time when they're out. During crit this is canceled. over tie nigg
E For a 3 second delay, dantes will become slower. Then he will yell CRIT! and haze particles will come off of him. His attacks get special buffs.Sacrifices R buff. (yes this is a reference to Sorcerer from Critical Strike) 2 minutes
R Switch your damage and health for 10 seconds. Heals you to full after the duration is over. Special with Crit: Instead, you explode, taking a small bit of your HP but dealing large damage. none. 300 crit damage 1 minute
F Only usable during Crit.

Become unable to jump, move, or attack. For 5 seconds you will have to survive, but then several orbs will come out of your body. Each deals 1-100 damage. Sacrifices 50 HP, but if you're lower than 50 it leaves on 1 HP.

??? 4 minutes
T (15/15/15) Dantes pulls out a random mask. (DIY biggerhead, Azurewrath, or Dominus Empryrus.)

DIY biggerhead makes him larger. Azurewrath boosts his HP. and dominus Empryrus makes him o a werid ass dance (idkfk)


Dante is a arrogant person, don't know what else to put here



what am i suppost to put here?

i guess that i made Dante's moveset, element, cost, etc three times.


none you fagiaot

i made his pose in Unique Photoshoot


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