Movelist - Lego

Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - Lego Stacks He adds a Lego to his stack, adding +10 in HP and speed, +100 in damage 0 1 second
E - Lego Pain He puts down a giant Lego on the ground, if the enemy runs over it they will experience the pain of 1,000 suns 100 5 seconds
R - What a sibling would do He throws a random Lego construction at the enemy's face for massive damage!11 300 .1 seconds
F - Wall Building He builds a massive Lego wall to keep the enemies out, acts as a shield of sorts I guess 0 30 seconds
Q - Different Meme He switches to his next moveset 0 0 seconds

Movelist - Sniper

Move Description Damage Cooldown
RMB - Phantom Forces knockoff he takes aim at the enemy, just like Jin Chi or somethin but with a scope 0 0 seconds
LMB - Shooty shooty He shoots a sniper bullet, if it hits the head it does X2 damage 500 (1,000 headshot) 5 seconds
E - Jin Chi Knockoff He reloads the sniper, which holds 10 bullets. Can reload at any time, he lets out a TF2 sniper quote while doing so 0 0 seconds
R - 360 noscope He does a 360, then shooting a bullet that will always hit the enemy no matter where they are because of his aimbot hacks 200 6 seconds
F - FaZe Clan He goes into quickscope mode, all bullets no matter where they're shot will hit and do X2 damage. his LMB and R cooldown are also reduced to 0. This lasts 30 seconds LMB - 1,000

R - 400

20 seconds
Q - I'm done with this He throws the sniper aside, grabbing his Laptop for his next moveset 0 0 seconds

Movelist - Laptop

Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - OuTdAtEd He uploads an old meme to 4chan, temporarily stunning the enemy for 6 seconds and doing damage because old memes hurt 500 10 seconds
E - Something Fresh He uses his computer to create a hologram of the Snapchat Spinning Hotdog filter, as the hotdog spins in place to deal damage in a certain radius around it 300 per hit 20 seconds
R - Literal Cancer He throws a cut-out face of Robbie Rotten at the opponent, if it hits it infects them with cancer and deals DoT for 30 seconds 50 every second 5 seconds
F - That one spammable move every char needs Typing on his laptop for .5 seconds, he sends out the letters M, E, M, and E in a 4-round burst. 50, 100, 150, 200 3 seconds
Q- I'm not just a meme He closes the laptop, summoning his stand; Memious. 0 0 seconds

Movelist - Stand Memious

Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - Jojo's finding his sexuality adventure He uses his stando to rapidly kick the opponent for major knockback and low damage 100 0 seconds (spammable)
E - Steamroller A steamroller lands on the opponent, dealing medium damage due to it being auto-tracking 250 8 seconds
R - I lack originality A meteor storm will come by, 5 meteors landing around him in a star-shape. Each has major knockback and does high damage 300 15 seconds
F - I want to die An ear-rape "I WANT TO DIE" From Idubbbz will come from him. Any enemies who come in a 5x5x5 radius of this will also want to die, and start bleeding out for massive damage as well as DoT damage for 20 seconds 1,000 damage

DoT: 100 every 5 seconds

30 seconds
Q - This isn't original His stand disappears, and he pulls out some electrifying brass knuckles for his final moveset 0 0 seconds

Movelist - Electrifying Knuckles

Move Description Damage Cooldown
LMB - ARO ARO ARO ARO He starts rapidly punching the enemy, exactly like Nactis' LMB except for it doesn't need to cooldown after you stop using it and he yells ARO ARO ARO ARO which is ORA reversed. 50 per punch 0 seconds
E - Japanese Anime He kneels down, going into a giant uppercut into the opponent's crotch. If it hits, it will lift the opponent up with him a medium distance into the sky, as fire is burning around him. At the end, he yells "SHORYUKEN!". This does massive damage 600 10 seconds
R - I'm just a kid who's 4 He charges up one of his fists with electrical energy, then going for a powerful right hook on the enemy, then proceeding to knock them back with a kick. This stuns the enemy for 5 seconds as well as doing high damage 400 10 seconds
F - A sponsored advertisement He eats Reeses Puffs, bringing him to full health as well as boosting his speed by x2 for 30 seconds 0 40 seconds
Q - Delete History He switches back to his Lego moveset 0 0 seconds


  • This character is a joke character, made entirely to ridicule both stacking characters and the ridiculous amount of movesets people tend to add to one character.
  • This character will NEVER be bought in
  • Danny Cancerous does NOT have cancer, however he is the self-proclaimed "#2 leading cause of cancer in children"

Upgrades (I Guess?)

  • Increase his meme quality (Increases HP by 10 per upgrade)
  • Introduce him to Reddit (Increases walkspeed by 2 per upgrade)
  • Payment for another moveset (Adds an AOE explosion around him when he switches movesets. 100 damage base, adds 20 per upgrade after that)

Nobody's getting this cancer ever

what, did you think you were getting it you little shit?

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