1: Appearance/Backstory

Damian Zonder Wil is an adolescent Strom user which is supposed to be bound to the assistance of the eventual fall of something. He dons many new items from ROBLOX events which explains his young age. He was bound to demonic ways because of his parents which is why he's bound to the eventual fall of something big.

First Appearance: He is forced to fight the team(Depends on if he appears if at all) for an unknown reason he refuses to tell.



LMB: Sends out an orb that travels at medium-slow speed but deals high damage. DMG: 250/Cooldown: 1 Sec.

E: Throws his Celestial Scimitar like a boomerang, deals medium dmg but hits twice (Does another hit up close) Dmg: 150/ Cooldown: 5 seconds.

R: Leaves a red marking on the floor (no it's not a pentagram) that lasts for 5 seconds stunning enemies and healing allies in its range. Stun duration: 1 sec then wait for 2 seconds to stun again. / Cooldown: 10 seconds

F: Turns into a demon (See 1. for reason) Increasing his speed and damage highly for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds (including demon time)

50/50/50 bonus: Damian half crosses between human and demon, giving him more speed and dmg with f giving a bigger boost.


  • Increase general guilt (dmg)
  • Increase amount of times you watch sanic memes (speed)
  • Increase time in demon form


Damian is calm-minded but wants to neglect his past and fights if he has to which can explain why he fights you for an unknown reason. He gets angry and tries to cut people off when they mention his past.


  • The Pumpkin buddy on his shoulder is supposed to be a soft-spoken, silent character
  • I'm lazy to make this proper. Thanks to the person who makes this proper if anyone ever does :U. I guess i'll give you the char :P.
  • The Zonder Wil in his name means "Without Will" with Damian referring to "Demon" basically meaning "Demon Without Will"