Hello there. I'm JamarMario and doing this small guide to you people NOT be confused about character's DPS. Please, pay attention that this is my concept of how character DPS is calculated and is NOT official, however, to not slap some random number, i recommend you to use this.

Note that for character that have all abilities with large cooldown and damage, this might lead to low DPS (Noob Jamar that has some massive damage ended up with basically 80, so you can see how it goes).


First, sum all the character's damage. You should sum the damage of the character plus buffs (if any).


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Summons a hypercube and releases it in the direction you're pointing. Slow. High damage on impact. 450 3 seconds
E Summons a hypersphere and makes a shield around you, blocking all attacks. N/A 10 seconds
R Makes a hyperpyramid and traps the enemy for 3 seconds. N/A 15 seconds
F Channels for 3 seconds, before releasing a massive 600-cell, dealing absurd damage. 1500 16 seconds.

In this example, the maximum damage is 1950. So, you sum all the cooldown times of the attacks that deal damage and divide the maximum damage by that number.

Example: 1950/19 = 102.

Note: Decimals should be not counted.

After that, multiply the result by the number of abilities that deal damage. In this case, 2.

102 x 2 = 204.

There! You're done!

Again, this is MY concept of the character's DPS and is not official. Use it in any way you want to.