DEO Burando is a character that is going to be bought in next year. He is created by RageGaming99.


DEO Burando is basically just DIO.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Heal every 10 seconds

because you're a


None. 10 Seconds
LMB Rapidly punch your fists, and

then once you stop do an

uppercut for double damage.




100 a punch. 0.1 second
E Stay still and summon 10 road roller meteors, they drop all around DEO from up to 100 studs away 50 (per roadroller) 30 second
R You shout "ZA WARUDO!"

while a stand comes out and

freezes the boss for 5 seconds.

At 50/50/50 he will freeze the

boss for 6 seconds and all

players for 2.5 seconds.

None. 10 second
F Your Stand comes out for 30

seconds, nearly doubling your

range, but halves speed when


None. 30 second
Q Charge up your fists and then

attack rush dealing double

damage. (Only works if R is


630 1.5 second
X Throws a storm of knives,

dealing about 50 a knife.

(Throws about 10 knives, so 500 damage if they all land.)

50 a knife. 5.7 seconds

User Exclusive Move:

Key Description Damage Cooldown
G Real Time stop

Stops everything including (doesn't stop players anymore), movements, and attacks,Bosses. stops time for a total of 9 seconds (45 seconds in real life time) | Colors will not be inverted for safety reasons.

1 4.5 minutes


  • Increase Damage.
  • Decrease Originality.
  • Increase HP.


  • Deo Burando is the japanese pronunciation of Dio Brando
  • This character was going to be a joke based off of the shameless Jojo's bizarre adventure ripoff "Diesel (1997)" and the main Stand user "Thomas"
  • His E was made by PrimoKiki aka Hyper Nintendo
  • DEO became a inside joke between me and my friends but he's not a joke character so we just call him THE MEME

List for DEO's exclusive move

  • iidiablu
  • iiKingRobux
  • Tsuranuita
  • Etaleo_Callidum
  • TheUncommonNoob (broke rage's eardrums for a challenge)
  • qu240103 (thanks for the dabbing pic)
  • RageGaming99 (we don't count as people)
  • Coder of the Character (we don't count as people)
  • AsrielMemer
  • Avaxus

List for an 80/80/80 DEO

  • TheUniversalTurtle
  • iiKingRobux
  • TheUncommonNoob
  • ChrisSinisterra
  • Coder of the Char
  • firehyperking
  • xxlivexlifexx gets 320 deo (thanks for the DOUBLE dab photo o3o)
  • SamNITO (gets a Negative 400 deo since you asked for it)

List for a 400/400/400 DEO

  • RageGaming99 (duh)
  • qu (thanks for the dabbing pic) gets a 320'd deo
  • Etaleo_Callidum (won a challenge)
  • Tsuranuita(Co-Creator) - Getting a 420'd deo since he's just a fucking meme at this point.
  • Avaxus (spammed snigger in the offical roblox discord)

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