Cyber Fidgetto

He is a robot version of fidgetto, yeahh thats all :^)


He has robot arms and robot legs, also has a robotic eye, also wears a checkered cadet, that seems to be fidgetto's old hat


Almost the same as Fidgetto


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fires a hyper laser

from his arm

45 0,15
E Does a flurry of

robotic fists for

1,50 seconds

58 per fist 0,75
R He does a bunch

of steam, damaging

every single enemy

Around, also tripping


10 7
F He deactivates and

turns into a ragdoll

that also heals him

alot more faster

0 3

Upgrades because why not lol

  1. Cyber Fidgetto's F healing increases
  2. Increases his speed (1 more speed
  3. Increase time of stun from his R

Backstory (It is bad)

Cyber fidgetto was built by a n-force member

So, the creator decided to put Fidgetto's old checkered cadet

and made it a noob

A robotic noob

And so, after testing

Cyber Fidgetto weren't strong as fidgetto

And then, the creator took away Cyber Fidgetto's ability to use robotic fidget spinners

And he was deactivated forever in a room

After 2 months

He activated himself

And were gonna get out of the room, And then, while he was turned on, he became a important part of N-Force


  1. Griffth for making the leg, robotic eye and arm
  2. Me for being a genius lol