Crystal Valdivia is a character created by ChrisSinisterra.


Crystal wears a badass pink suit, with black trousers. Has purple awesome hair and snake eyes.


Shoutout to Tsuranuita for helping me out with it.

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Crystal has an orb limit to her moves. She starts out with 10. As she uses her moves, they require orbs. Once you have none left, you refresh from using your Q None None
Q Refresh your orbs in order to use your moves again None Once you run out of orbs
LMB Shoot an orb from your hands. (-1 orb) 150 1 second
E Shoot a bigger, but slower orb for medium damage. (-2 orbs) 300 2 seconds
R Form a minion from your orbs to attack for you. (-3 orbs) (Lasts 30 seconds) 100 per hit 15 seconds
F Shoot your remaining orbs left for high damage. (how many orbs you have left) 1500 (5 orbs and up)

600 (4 and less)

30 seconds


Crystal is very kind to people, even strangers. Usually the sweetest person you could ever meet. But you don't want to mess with her. Seriously, DON'T. She can be very competitive if she wants to, or just mess with your mind.


Louis Cadena

Crystal is Louis's sister


- Increase her orb limit

- Increase her minion count

- Increase her speed


  • During her R move, she can still use her LMB, similar to something with Chris Crox
  • The creator made this character for fun, but he might actually buy her in because the character's moveset seems interesting to put in the real game
  • The picture for Crystal is the first one the creator has ever made for a character