get CUCKED OOooooOOooOOooO


Key Description DMG CLD
Auto You slowly bleed out, meaning you take 10 damage every second. 10/s auto
clicc Spurt out random quotes about how you keep losing braincells from this godforsaken community. N/A 3s
E Try to move off of your cross. This only causes your bleed damage to increase permenantly. +2/s 0.5s
R Cry for help. Gives you negative armor for 3 seconds. N/A 4s
F Teleports all enemies towards you. Basically a free suicide note. N/A 60s

this fandom's pretty bad if you guys don't realise this already then idk what's gong on with you lol

though then again i can't hate all of you because i've met quite a lot of really cool dudes here who have shaped me as a person

i'm sure a couple of you guys who are still a part of this wikia/fandom might be cool but i definitely can't say you all are


  • Reduces maximum HP. (-8 per SP spent)
  • Speeds up your passive bleed damage. (+0.2/s per SP spent)
  • Reduces your sanity. (-1.1s F cooldown per SP spent)