Pumple has yellow skin and bears a pumpkin face and some shades. He also wears a bucket crab hat, a yellow tanktop and some swimming pants.

Oh yeah he also likes tennis and uses beach balls as tennis balls.


"Who wants to play a "friendly" game of Beach Tennis?"


Keystroke Description DMG Cooldown
Q Senselessy swing his racket around. Dealing O.K. damage. Has recoil though. Damage :100

Recoil : 20

10 seconds.
L Click Swing racket. Damage : 60 0.8 seconds.
E Serves and then HITS THE BEACHBALL TO THE MOUSE DIRECTION. Damage : 180 2 seconds.
R Swing racket really hard. Not hitting an enemy will have consequences. Damage : 600

Recoil : 100

4 seconds.
F Head slam, does really awesome damage, except when you don't hit. Damage : 1000

Recoil : 666

20 seconds.
T "Surf's up dude!" oh ok
X 15/15/15 required.

Kick the ground, making sand fly out, stunning and dealing small damage when the sand particles hit the enemy.

Stun : 4 seconds.

Damage : 10

3 seconds.


He likes tennis.


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