He has blue anime hair, wears all black, and has a golden visor.

Move set

Key Cooldown info Power
Left click N/A User takes out a book, and summons a red orb, that he shots at the foe. 100
E 5 User takes a book out, and throws a needle from a Phone, user now has a minion that falls him, it's like Marceul's minions. Useless against boss fights, only works on minions. 200-100 (Depending on minion).
R 3 User takes his book out, summons a spear throwing it at the foe. 200
F 10 User uses a random move he summons from his book. Depends

Back story

Well.. Not many know his true story..

Most spiders can agree, HE IS FROM METEOR CITY, but, no one knows why he started the group. Some say to get back on some people, some say he just did it. It's very unknown, is all their saying.


none yet