Wow it's that spooky guy.

You probably already know who this is made by.


Attack Description DMG CLD
LMB Fires a slow-moving projectile that deals decent damage and has a 20% chance of deleting any projectile that touches it. 250 2s
E Releases 8 LMB projectiles in a circle around you before teleporting towards your cursor, creating an AoE explosion and firing another 8 projectiles. Max TP reach is 40 studs. 300 aoe

250 shots

1s cast

9s CLD

R Dashes in a straight line, dealing damage to all enemies you make contact with and also stunning them for 1s. The victims will create a small AoE around them that will then stun any other nearby enemies that haven't already been hit. 30 stud dash distance. 150 7s
F Channels all of your energy for a few seconds before creating one huge, but near-static orb. This orb deals high damage to any enemy that goes inside of it each second, while deleting any enemy projectile that makes contact with it. This projectile fades away after 10 seconds. 200 per sec 42s
Q 15/15/15 exclusive. Creates 5 pulses over the span of 4 seconds, each one dealing mediocre damage but healing Kūkyo for 30% of his missing health. Essentially a recovery move. Functions like Drakon/Django's E but repeats 5 times. 100 x5 13s


  • Increases maximum health and damage. (+7.6 HP from 0 - 15, +5.4 from 16 - 50. +2.4% DMG from 0 - 15, +1.4% from 16 - 50.)
  • Increases the size and duration of all attacks. (+4% on both from 0 - 15, +1.5% on both from 16 - 50.)
  • Decreases the cooldown of your F. (-0.66s from 0 - 15, -0.3s from 16 - 50.)


Kukyo is essentially just a sassy edgelord I guess. He tends to act in a very unserious way to people, often showing no signs of taking missions or other people seriously and deliberately trying to piss his friends off. Though he does like to annoy people from time to time, he never shows signs of "hatred", and deep down cares for everyone.

Even that one guy who might, like, stab him or something.

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