First form appearance

Conner Lesean has shiny hear, wears a Haze suit, with antlers.

Second form appearance

Conner Lesean's second form has a Cowboy hat, normal Suit, and is bald.

First form Moveset

Name Key Cooldown Info Damage
Form Change Q 10 User Changes Form 10 (only if the enemy is close)
Cannon Shot Left Click 5 User pulls a cannon out of thin air, and shots it. 235
Turret E 5 User Summons 10 red turrets that heal allies, and attack foes. 100 (100 plus health).
Repair R 10 User works on his cannon, 10 plus attack stack. N/A
Recover F N/A User regains 20 hp N/A

Second form Moveset

Name Key Cooldown Info Damage
Form Change Q 10 User changes form 10 (only if the enemy is close)
Vortex Left Click N/A User summons a vortex where it clicks, and sucks in enemies, disappears after 20 seconds. (max summons: 3) 200
Minions E N/A User summons mini-clones of itself. (max summon: 4) 100
Break R 5 User attack their self, for 10 plus speed stack. N/A
Damage F 10 User explodes, 160 hp recoil. 1000


Conner was born with multi-personality disorder, and with this, it was annoying as a kid. His second personality wasn't even LIKE him, he'd complain about everything, never liked the things his other personality liked, it was annoying. When he turned 20, the second personality would be starting to whisper in his ears at night, and each day his shadow would start to try and move on it's on. By the time he was 22, he had a full moving shadow. Over time, the shadow started to become more of a person, until one day, his shadow WAS A PERSON. Only in the sun however, no one knows how this happen.


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