Club is a character based off the (now dead) popular game called club penguin


Club penguin is always angry no matter what unless he's playing Club penguin rewritten which is almost always


Key Atk Dmg Cooldown
LMB throw a snowball at the cursor 25 0.3 seconds
E Make a giant penguin fall on the cursor location 500 4 seconds
R spawn 3 penguins infront of you to peck at nearby enemys for 10 seconds 30 (per peck) 10 seconds
F Summon a club penguin logo to heal you for 20 seconds 10 heal 80 seconds
G (15/15/15 Bonus) dance in place 1 0 seconds
Q (50/50/50 Bonus) set the skybox to a club penguin logo until you die and a looping audio of penguin sounds 0 UNTIL DEATH


Decrease cooldowns


More penguins


theres a club penguin rewritten