Cirno is an Outcast Cirno reference. (after the revamp.)
Key Moveset DMG Cooldown
LMB Fire your Medilaser to heal your friends, while charging your Ultracharge. N/A 0 Seconds
RMB Activate Ultracharge, making you and your patient Invincible until the meter reaches 0%. N/A When Meter Is Full Again
E Throw a virus covered shard of ice to poison the enemy while doing good damage. 50 DMG + 5 Seconds of 5 DMG Poison 2 Seconds
R Shoot 30 Ice Covered Syringes that can pierce twice and deal poison or freeze at a chance. 200 X 30 X 2 (for total damage) + (20%) Poison (10%) Freeze 10 Seconds
F Put all the enemies into an "Ice Age", which freezes them for 10 Seconds, while dealing hypothermia damage. (Fire makes the thawing take less time.) 2000 DMG + 20 Seconds of Constant Slowdown and 6 DMG (Hypothermia) 60 Seconds