Something something, edgy triangle man.

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Key Description DMG CLD
LMB Secagent has three small red pyramids that orbit him at all times. Left click fires one of these three pyramids for low damage and lifesteal. If it travels 150 studs and doesn't hit a target, it goes back to you and the pyramid thrown goes on cooldown. If it hits a target, it shatters and a new one is summoned with a refreshed cooldown. Basically, good aim = infinite spam. 100

10 LS

E Creates 3 spikes around you in random posistions. Each one deals low repeated damage and siphons HP from the targets. Short cooldown. 80

15 LS

R Upon activation, you become completely stationary for 2 seconds. When these 2 seconds are over, you create a small triangular pulse underneath your feet, which grows in size for every target it hits. You also get 1 throwable pyramid for every target you hit, however, these pyramids will not return to you upon hitting/missing like your base 3 do. 150

40 LS

F Performs an uppercut with your current pyramids. Deals a base damage of 250 and gains an additional 50 for every pyramid you currently have, and 5 additional lifesteal for every pyramid. R-spawned pyramids will combust upon successfully landing this attack. If you miss, the cooldown is quite long - but successfully landing the attack will half your cooldowns until the attacks are used again. See math 32s
Z Sacrifices one of your pyramids to dash upwards/backwards and create a small explosion in your previous position. Your 3 base pyramids respawn 3 seconds after being used. 150

10 LS



  • Increases the amount of permanent pyramids you can store. (3 -> 5 at 15, 5 -> 8 at 50)
  • Increases base damage drastically. (+4.5% from 0 - 15, +2.2% from 16 - 50)
  • Increases the base size of your R while decreasing the cast time slightly. (-0.03s cast time per SP spent, +3% size from 0 - 15, +1.8% size from 16 - 50)

Other note

This dumb thing has been lying around unfinished on the fanon for god knows how long. I thought I might as well finish it before I leave this community behind. Hope you find it to be some good eye candy or something.