Chucker Chai is a OC for Devil Beater.


Chucker Chai seems to be wearing the suit of flux, and has auburn scene hair.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - I'm better

than Chester!

Chucker fires lasers from his hands at mouse direction. 95 No Cooldown
E - Totally not Chester! Jumps into the air, if you press again while in the air, you fire a huge laser from your hands toward the enemy. 146 10 Seconds
R - *CHUCKLES* Chucker chuckles after the chuckle is over, he rips his shirt off. Increasing his damage, speed, and health. It also gives you and other players armor. 0 15 Seconds
F - CHESTER!!!!!!!!! Chucker starts throwing dead Chester bodies at the enemy. The dead Chester bodies have a 1% chance of being Dane Vine. If this happens, a huge laser comes flying out of the sky into the boss. Dead Chester bodies deal 10 damage. Laser deals 810. Until you die, and switch characters.


Chucker is a alternate version of Chester from another universe, but he is smarter and stronger.

The Steve Gang is literally The Dane Gang.


  • Increase your ego.
  • Increase how much armor you get on Chucker's R move.


Chucker used to be a intern for Team Galaxy, a team made out of alternate versions of Team Dimensionia. Team Galaxy was led by Celo, a alternate version of Cielo. Chucker was a genius at machines. He liked making weapons, and training with his fellow teammates. Chucker was the leader of the interns mostly because he was smart. He made a lot of great weapons for Team Galaxy. But one faithful day, Chucker thought that he was better than everyone in the world! He decided to battle Team Galaxy all by himself. Chucker's smarts combined with his strength made him tough to defeat. The fight lasted 10 minutes though. Chucker was outnumbered. He ran away, swearing to defeat Team Galaxy one day. A month later, half of the Team Galaxy interns joined Chucker. Three of the interns was Steve Vine, Sir Benon, and Paula Regina. Soon, the team was named, the Steven Gang, because Steve Vine said "LISTEN FUCKERS, NAME US THE STEVE GANG, OR ELSE I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU" and that's really all about Chucker.