Chi no Senshi is an OC for Devil Beater.


Attack Description DMG CLD
LMB Swings your katana for medium damage. Every 3rd slice will create an energy wave that travels a short distance, with halved damage but doubled lifesteal and a bit of knockback. 150

15 LS

E Creates up to five AoE explosions at your posistion, each one dealing low damage and very briefly stunning nearby enemies. AoE has 15% armor pierce. 75

5 LS

0.2s stun

R Slams the ground with your katana, creating shockwaves that travel forwards for high damage and lifesteal. Using this consecutively will take away 8% of your HP per usage. 200 per wave

10 LS

F For 4 seconds, Chi no Senshi will begin storing energy, increasing his armor & resistance to a point where he can only take 1 damage and cannot be knocked back. After those 4 seconds, the energy is released to create a second energy katana in your left hand. This halves your LMB cooldown, doubles LMB lifesteal, reduces other cooldowns (except for the parry) by 30% and increases speed by 15. Duration is 5s and it increases by 0.2s for every hit Senshi takes. When storing energy your movement speed is reduced by 75%. Buff 37s
T Parries. If the parry is broken, Senshi gains 1 second of invulnerability and slashes forwards for high damage. The parry ignores all armor. 250

25 LS

Passive If Senshi has inflicted enough damage on the enemy, or the enemy has inflicted enough damage on him, he will laugh for 2 seconds being stunned,but this gives him a 50% damage buff for 10 seconds. 50% damage buff None
Passive 2 (Q) Upon pressing Q, Senshi will stab himself in the chest with his katana. This deals 25 damage to himself and inflicts a bleed that will not stop until Q is pressed again. However, his damage and speed is increased by 10% and his lifesteal is increased by 50% until this effect is reversed. 25 + 10 DoT bleed 3s

Fuck. It's finished. At last.

Bonus moveset:

Attacl Description DMG CLD
Z 15/15/15. Creates 8 energy katanas that spin around Chi no Senshi, each one dealing low damage repeatedly upon hitting an enemy. They are all shot out in the direction they are facing 2 seconds later. 50

10 LS

X 50/50/50. Senshi sends out 3 orbs that fly into the air, then quickly home in on the closest target within a 75 stud range. The orbs deal medium damage and have low lifesteal. This attack has a very short cooldown. 125 x3

5 LS x3



  • Increases Senshi's HP and lifesteal. (+5 HP from 0 - 15, +3.2 from 16 - 50. +2.5% LS per SP spent. Additive.)
  • Drastically increases Senshi's DPS. (+4.1% damage from 0 - 15, +2.7% from 16 - 50. -0.4% cooldown on LMB, E and R per SP spent, +1% armor pierce from 0 - 15, +0.3% from 16 - 50. All of this is additive.)
  • Increases Senshi's armor. (+1.2% armor from 0 - 15, +0.5% from 16 - 50. Also additive.)

Backstory (memes)

10 year chi no senshi

real version

was 2 hot for db

no that's -640 year senshi

when he was 20 and was also still alive

he used to be hot

he used 2 get

all the ladies

and sometimes the men

everytime he woke up he got all the man and woman

on his bed

then one day

he DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he died because his son was so hot he melted

and became a skeleton guy

he didn't have a son

he was too good to be sexed

his son is himself in the mirror

holy shit

he melted from seeing himself

he looks at himself and dies

then some wizard who was horny was like

he died by seeing himself

"im bring back hot person"

but then he saw that he lost his hotness

so he got triggered and now kills anything that has a reflection

10yr senshi's backstory:

he went on a journey to find his former sexy self

but he never did...........

inb4 he finds his sexy self again

holy on a sec

and he becomes sexy again


then all the girls and men

jump on him