Chi Ultoris Ovious is a OC for the game Devil Beater.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - Slash Slice Chi slashes his katana. 190 None
E - Swing Swing Chi stabs the boss with his other weapon 180 None
R - I'm here now. Chi teleports to the boss, slashes his two weapons at the enemy, then teleports away. 270 10 Seconds
F - WHY DID GOD NOT FINISH ME?! Chi summons a kamikazi plane, and goes inside. Chi puts on edgy music, and crashes into the boss. Chi has a 1% chance of surviving, if he does, he gets his katana and kills himself. 1,000 A minute
Q - DOOM SKULLZ OF EDGY STUFF Chi fires DOOM SKULLZ OF EDGY STUFF at the boss. If the boss touches the DOOM SKULLZ OF EDGY STUFF, the SKULLZ will explode. Skull - 255

Explosion - 355

Two minutes


One day Toby was checking his newest DB OC, Justice Crox, he looked into the comments, and found that Filthy Sinner said a good idea. Here is what he said : "next up is chi no senshi fused with ultoris fused with dane vine fused with misterobvious.

it HAS to be." -FilthyPrick 2017

So....Toby decided "....That's a good idea...Just without Dane though yeah...."

So uhm...Now we have this abomination.....


  • This
  • is
  • a
  • joke
  • character


Edgy stuff.


  • EdGy (Increase Damage)
  • Increase Speed
  • Decrease cooldown of your F attack.

What he will do if he finds you

If Chi finds you in a alley way.....He will unzip his pants, and put a tiny stick up your ass.....

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