Chef Boyardees is a normal robloxian except he wears sunglasses, a chef's hat and has the Chef Boyardee logo on his chest. He carries around a can of Chef Boyardee all the time and sometimes eats it.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB TASTE THIS. Stab with your spoon. Deals medium damage and knocks back.



E TASTE OF GOD Eat a bit of your can of Chef Boyardee. M A X I M U M H E A L. Also gives you a shield ALL OF YOUR HP. (5 second shield) 20
R CATCH Throw your can of Chef Boyardee. Deals high damage and explodes on contact 700 10
F I'LL SHOW A LITTLE BIT OF MY TRUE POWER Use your spoon to cut through SPACE AND TIME ITSELF to create a void that sucks in every enemy and deals high damage. 2500 when touched by the void 3 Minutes
Q WELCOME TO HELL Summon way too many cans of Chef Boyardee to rain down on your enemy. Explodes on contact with the ground. 450 each can. 1 Minute (50/50/50)

Boss Battle

First Phase Song : LISA: The Pointless - Without Warning (Vinny and Lin Version) but it should be a bit faster. ( around 1.25 speed in youtube)


  • Chef Boyardees stabs with his spoon. Slight knockback.
  • Chef Boyardees dashes towards an enemy

Second Phase Song : LISA: The Pointless - LISA ReImagined: War Season (Ross Hillock Version) but again, a bit faster ( 1.25 speed again)


  • The first phase moves but they are a bit stronger.
  • Chef Boyardees throws a can of Chef Boyardee.
  • Chef Boyardees eats a bit of Chef Boyardee to heal.
  • At low health Chef Boyardees cuts through space and time to create a deadly void that sucks in players. Deals high damage when touching it.
  • Occasionally a can of Chef Boyardee will fall from the sky.

Third Phase : LISA: The Pointless OST - For Love And Hate (Bilocation version)

  • Chef Boyardees now BILOCATES so you have to fight 2 of him.
  • oh my god why

Post-Fight song




  • Wooden Window and Chef Boyardees worked at a pizzeria together to make some M O N I
  • They threw tomato sauce at each other while working which started their rivalry.
  • Chef Boyardees can actually rival Wooden Window.

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