ToAsT oF ToaStytER ChaOSo fReEemOdELlED AuTIsM oK AnD Is rEaLLy A JoKe OkaY, he was his own group, but then joined n-force


OHhHhHh iT iS a tHiNG HaHAHahHAHhaHA OkKAy


Toasty Got Hands And Toast Legs, He Then Noticed They Were Freemodelled And hE DEcIDed tO SpIn a fIDgET SpInNNeR, ThEn hE tURned sO AuTiStIC tHaT hE bEcAmE tHe cANcErOus PeRsON oN EaRth


Q gRaB a gUn aNd sHoOt iT FoR DaMn higH DamMAgE 555


20 SecOnd

tHrOW a fIDgET sPiNNer aT ThE eNEmey AnD StUn tHEm FoR MeDium dAMage, YoU aLSo hEaL 400+



30 SeCoND
E PUncH 10 TiMIes fOr hIGh dAMAGE 700


45 SeCoNd
R YoUr PrISmS mAkE 10 ToaSter MiNiONs tHAt PuNcH aNd dEaL MeDium DamAge AnD 2 oF ThEm HeAl YoU FoR 200+ 400 Dmg (Each) 50 SeCoND
F BeCoME bIGgEr AnD ThRow AlOt oF ToaSt FoR A fUCk LoAd oF dAmaGE 1700 Dmg 1 MInUtE


  • GrOw BiGGeR
  • ReGaIN sOmE AuTisM (Increases All Stats By 10%)
  • MoRe HeAlLIng AnD LiFeStEal fOr MoRe tOaSt


  • WaFfLe MaKeS aUsTIsM
  • ThIs nEeDs tO gO
  • ToaStY dID WrONg
  • oH nO

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