*Chad Tetrick is a DB N-Force OC*

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Chad Tetrick

Chad Tetrick is a engineer that loves playing on tablets and with other machines. He uses his tablet and his machines in order to fight.


Chad Tetrick has blue hair and 3D glasses on him. Chad also takes the appearance of a noob.


Chad Tetrick is usually quite hyper, able to go at fast speeds as if he had a hole ship of sugar. He is also very into technology so when he can talk about any tech, he will go on forever. Although Chad is quite shy and unsocial but when he has the chance to be social, he acts like a nice friend.



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Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Sugar Crash Chad Tetrick after being hyper for a while, starts to slowdown and gets tired. 0

Every 44 seconds speed goes down to 18 for 4 seconds.

q M.D.M

(50/50/50 upgrade move)

Chad Tetrick turns his tablet into M.D.M (Mega Death Machine) which gives him a backpack that has hundreds of laser guns and missile launchers attached to it. When Chad activates M.D.M, he just sits and relax as the machine does all the work. 4,444

Shoots homing lasers and misses that will always hit the enemy. All together, the ability deals 4,444 damage.

Lmb Laser Chad Tetrick shoots out a laser from his tablet. 70 1
e Missile Launcher Chad Tetrick shoots a heat seeking rocket from his tablet. The rocket moves pretty fast and is good at turning. 140

Does area damage.

r Healing Station Chad Tetrick sets up a healing station that automatically heals all allies near it. It stays up till it gets destroyed by an enemy or Chad destroys it. 0

Heals for 20 health per second.

Press r when healing station is set up to destroy the healing station.

The healing station has 100 health and can't heal itself or regenerate health back.

f Satelight Beam Chad Tetrick presses a button on his tablet that activates his satellite to fire a death ray from space. 300

Have 10 seconds to aim it from where your mouse cursor is at. (Similar to Chris Crox f ability)

z Music (Exclusive move) Chad Tetrick turns blasting Dragon Force music on his tablet creating shock waves that knock back and hurt the enemy. The world also now has disco lights because why not. :U 100

Shoots out 10 shock waves that knock back the enemy and each shock wave deals 100 damage.

Plays random Dragon Force music forever till Chad dies.

The world now has disco lights till Chad dies.

One use per life.


Healing station (Increase the radius of the healing and the health of the healing station by 1 per upgrade)

Gotta go fast (Increase the cool down of the passive happening by 1 every upgrade)

Explosion! (Increase the area the missile takes up by 1 every upgrade)


Chad Tetrick is a tech nerd, always since he was a baby was interested in all tech. Although, tech has cause many problems in his life. When Chad was in school, everyone bullied him and called him a nerd because he was into so much tech. This cause Chad to have social problems which made him shy.

*Now present time*

Chad Tetrick is working at a tablet store. Where everyone, even his boss hates him. Chad would always work hard so we could impress the other workers and his boss but nothing would work. One day, Chad saw a unwrapped tablet on the floor. Chad thought to himself that this could be his moment to impress everyone. But once Chad grabbed onto the tablet, he passed out.

Chad when he woke up, he couldn't see anything but one person. He called himself Mr. Wise and he said, "Chad Tetrick, I know your might be freaking out, but don't worry, no one is going to hurt you, no one is going to bully you here." Then Chad replied with, "Ok, but why am I here?" Then Mr. Wise said, "Because I want to ask you, do you want to join me? In my adventures? If yes, then take the tablet and if no then leave." Chad then decided yes and took the tablet and then suddenly we transformed into a noob and felt power coming through the tablet. For now on, Chad Tetrick used his technology to make the world better and serves N-force.

Lore Trivia

Chad Tetrick is part of the main team of N-force.

(SPOILER) In chapter 4, Chad Tetrick is killed.


Everyone in the N-force main team because he is one of the members of the main team


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