"I love to play with technology, and wanted to learn more and more about it... But I didn't think I would get this far into technology."

*This is a N-force OC made by coolguy1606*

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Chad.exe or 10 year Chad Tetrick is a cyborg noob that uses powerful lasers built into him and transforming into powerful forms for destructive and powerful uses.


Chad.exe looks like a regular noob but has a robotic right arm and has a robotic body. Chad.exe also has blue spiky hair and a robotic eye patch.


Chad.exe being a robot has almost no feelings but still some left has he still part human. Chad.exe is also now extremely good with following orders, when he gets a job to do, he gets right to it. This also leads to another trait of Chad.exe, since he always working, he barley socializes or talks to anyone on the team, just focusing on what needs to be done.



Like its a lot.

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Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
q Robot In Steel Chad.exe shifts some gears to put iron all over his body reducing the damage he takes by 5% but it does decrease his movement speed by 10 Decrease damage taken by 5%

Decrease movement speed by 10

Lmb Thunder Fist Chad.exe charges his fist with electricity and punching at a god-like speed. If Chad.exe were to charge it for over 10 seconds, he will get zapped with 4 damage every second. 40

Every charge equals 10 more damage.

Going over 10 seconds of charging deals 4 damage to you every 1 second.

e Eye Laser Chad.exe shoots a piercing laser from his eye patch at god-like speeds from where he is facing for 70 damage. 70 2
r Micro Healing Stations Chad.exe sends out 8 micro flying healing bots from his body, going around him healing him 10 hp every second. If Chad.exe were to start moving when these healing bots were out, they fly away, healing anyone they come across. Heals you 10 hp every 1 second.

Moving sends bots out moving into the same direction their facing healing anyone they came across until they hit a wall.

f Laser Mayhem Chad.exe harnesses all the laser energy within him, making him go inside a ball of pure laser, floating in the air shooting lasers everywhere. Each laser does 35 damage

Go into the air while shooting lasers in random directions for 10 seconds.

(Similar to Page's f ability but doesn't insta kill and is not homing)

g M.D.M Form Chad.exe transforms into M.D.M, turning him into a giant mech. Turns you into M.D.M. 60
b Pure Laser Form Chad.exe combies all of his neuling and laser energy to be completely removed from his robotic body, turning into a entity of only laser and neuling. Turns you into Pure Laser. Once used, you cannot go back to this move set.
t Beetle Form (15/15/15 move) Chad.exe turns into a beetle that goes towards the enemy no matter what at god-like speed, ramming the enemy. 100

When you touch the enemy, if you don't press t, then you will deal 100 damage and also take 55 damage.

If you press t when you touch the enemy you will deal 200 damage and knock back the enemy.

z Finger Gun Go Pew! Pew!

(50/50/50 move)

Chad.exe shoots a lemon from his finger. 1

Goes until it hit an enemy or the wall


M.D.M Moves (G move)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive M.D.M Chad.exe in M.D.M enchants his powers to become even stronger. Health, damage and size of you is doubled.

Speed is halved.

M.D.M form lasts for 10 seconds.

Pure Laser Moves (B move)



(If you haven't seen Chad Tetrick backstory before this, please go read that before you go read this, also read chapter 4 to fully understand what happened to Chad.)

Chad Tetrick killed in battle was left stranded in the battle field, dead with his tablet. Pass a couple years later and Chad's tablet then fused with Chad, turning into powerful cyborg noob. Being a robot/cyborg now, Chad has not been activated so at the time he is deactivated with no memory of what happened to him, unable to do anything and think. Years later, a Company member Majar activated Chad. Chad then said, "Hello, I am Chad.exe and thank you for activating me. I am here to serve you in anyway." Chad.exe now serves the Company as a powerful weapon not to be reckoned with until- (TO BE CONTINUED)

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