Celsius is an OC for Devil Beater.


Celsius is an amalgamation of two entities known as "Blizzard" and "Flame". These two represent the extreme heat and freezing point of Celsius. When these two are apart from eachother, a balance is lost between heat and cold, causing the weather and temperature to become unstable and can be manipulated by the them. For example: Blizzard could make.. well.. a blizzard. Flame could change the temperature exponentially. However, there is another entity out there. He is most commonly known as "Fahrenheit". An entity with much more power but less balance.



Blizzard is completely light blue with a blue "Epic Face". He is seen holding a small snowflake which comes in handy during combat.


Flame is completely red with a head which seems to be complete fire. He wields an axe which he uses in combat. Similar to how Blizzard uses his snowflake.



Blizzard is a nice guy. Always willing to share his thoughts and ideas and never interrupts people rudely. I guess you could say he's... a "special snowflake". (imsosorry)


Flame, however, is rude and arrogant. When he doesn't get his way, he'll make sure that he does by any means possible. He personally hates Blizzard while Blizzard likes Flame. They're sorta like Yin and Yang.


Key Blizzard Flame Cooldown
LMB Throw your snowflake forward. Upon hitting an enemy, they are slown down for 1 second. 100 damage. Swing your axe forward. This causes slight knockback. 150 dmg. Blizzard:0.9 seconds.


1.2 seconds.

E Cause a storm cloud to arise from you. This cloud will begin chasing enemies. This does 30 dmg per second. Lasts 10 seconds. Throw a small fireball forward. This causes burning damage. On impact, it will do 100 dmg. Then it will begin doing 10 dmg per 0.5 seconds. Lasts 2 seconds. Blizzard:3 seconds. (After attack ends)


1 second.

R Create a large snowflake that will hover over you. When enemies get close to you, this snowflake will begin throwing snowballs at the enemy. 50 dmg each snowball. Lasts 10 seconds. Dodge to the right or left (50/50 chance). While doing so, you will release a small burst of energy that will do 30 dmg per second to any enemy that touches the burst. Lasts 5 seconds. Attacks used during the dodge are negated. Blizzard:5 seconds (After attack ends)


5 seconds.

F Create a huge snowflake pattern underneath that expands rapidly. This does 300 dmg and causes insane knockback. All attacks used during this are negated. Throw your axe forward. Upon hitting a wall or an enemy, it will cause an explosion which will cause smaller explosions. The first explosion does 500 dmg while the small ones do 100 dmg. Blizzard:10 seconds. (After attack ends)


10 seconds.

Q Switch to Flame. Switch to Blizzard. 10 seconds.


- Increase Speed.

- Increase Damage of Blizzards's LMB.

- Increase the damage of Flame's R.

50/50/50: Constantly play this song:


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