Chola mais/cebolinha is an brazillian meme made by Real Otaku, that deleted his videos, and he is an professional dancer, Wich is an actual parody, cebolinha originates from an kid's show from brazil


He sounds like an bad model of an kid's show


He likes to dance


Name Key Desc Damage Cooldown
CHOLA DANCE LMB He blasts himself near the enemy and dances on him 150 1
Chola mais E Makes an trap, that when the enemy gets trapped, he cries on the ground uncontrollably Stun (None) 19
Edu minon R He summons an BRKSEDU minion, that goes towards the enemy and attacks him with an dance 129 28
Idk F He turns into an BRKSEDU and dances around and does many red balls around, causing Infinite damage, but his chance of

''Nuking'' is

29 mil 66666


  • Increase F's nuke chance (+0,9%)
  • Increase amounts of edu minions
  • Decrease cooldowns lol


Cebolinha were once in an very well drawn kid show, BUT AN WORMHOLL SENT HIM ONTO THE BIZARRE WORLD OF THE MANY 3D CHARACTERS, where his dancing skills amazes the villagers from the world he is. And so, someone recorded him Dancing and sent an video called CHOLA MAIS!!!11

After all of this, another wormhole sent him to db, he was different, his dancing skills were too powerful for the enemies and so he trained to turn into an Edu. The rest of his backstory keeps mysterious