Catherine Caeruleum Is A Dumb OC that is just made for fun. (yes fun.)

Please Give Constructive Criticism If Needed



Catherine Caeruleum Is A Girl Who Has Light Purple Hair And A Tint Of Pink, She Wears A Dark Purple Shirt With Purple Witch Skirt (Purple Cute Witch Outfit In ROBLOX.)


Catherine Lived In a Mansion With Her Family, They Usually Went Outside For Walks, Until Catherine Had Lost Her Parents In a Dark Night, Then She Had To Be Forced In The Mansion For The Rest Of Her Life, Until She Found A Antique Artifact That Had a Shape Of An Orb, It Gave Her Stratus Powers Thus Beginning Her Journey Through The Woods To Find Her Missing Parents (If They Were Still Alive).



Summons Purple Orb, And Makes A  Giant Purple Orb That Goes Down

Slowly; But Does High Damage.

700 30 Seconds
LMB Pulse Out Purple Spikes Out Of The Orb Dealing Low Damage, But Does It Multiple Times.



10 Seconds
E The Orb Glows, Exploding And Healing Everyone Around, And Knocking Back The Enemy (If Close) 200+ healing 20 Seconds
R You Change The Orb Into a Sword, Then You Slash Like Crazy Then you Let Go Of It, Which Whoever's Around It Will Be Healed (That Includes Yourself) 500

100+ healing

23 Seconds
F Grabs Orb, Then Cauldron Stunning The Enemy, And Dealing High Damage With Lifesteal 1000

50+ Lifesteal

45 Seconds


>Increase HP By 5

>Decrease Cooldowns Slightly

>Increase Healing Done By 10


  • Catherine Caeruleum May Be Related To Catherine, The Game.
  • Catherine Was Originally Going To Be Haze, But Then I Decided To Change It Due To "Various" Reasons.
  • Waffle_Conecups Is a gaylord and should die someday