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The Elementals is a small group of people who contains elements that aren't related towards any of the common ones. However, They do help the Alliance once in awhile unless their forces fall into the wrong hands.

The Elements Are:

Flames -

A Strong , common element which no one in the team uses right now.



Darkness -

A Rare element, used into Witchcraft and Death.


Glass -

A Uncommon element, not powerful, but useful for Defense.


Crystals -

A Common Element, used for good damage but weird defense.


Time -

The Strongest of them all, which has good everything.


Air -

Another common element, which contains huge knockback, but little damage.


Stone -

A Tough rare element, good for defense and armour.


How To get ocs in the Elementals -

  1. Nothing like memer dreamer
  2. an actual element, like not ' death' or' memes'
  3. dont make a retarded oc

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