Caos Enindius Mortem is an OC non-playable character for Devil Beater, and my first one too.


The image is so small :U

Caos Enindius Mortem is an entity born of an unknown origin after Melonus' arrival, and the rise of Guldan since the early centuries. Little that the teams know that these group of entities were born by a lord named Dominus Corruptus himself. He had taken advantage on one of the artifacts and used it for his creation on destroying the world. He also led a few other heroes from his portal gun himself such as the Tempest Fighter, The Entioch Brawler, Estrada Page (can I use chars that are already in DB?), Guldan's commander, Erkos, and some random people with unknown origins.


This is his enemy moveset. (and his teaser?)

His "locks" are basically charge attacks/attacks that are normal.

Ability Name Function
Chaos Strike - Dreadlocker Does a basic strike dealing occasionally an OHKO.
Teleport - Stab Caos teleports to an enemy, then stabs/strikes the player for an OHKO.
Deadlock - Tracker Version Caos summons a missile to be controlled by him, dealing high damage to player on impact.
Deadlock - Homing Version Caos fires a homing missile on the nearest player dealing medium damage.
Hazelock - Swarm Missiles Caos charges and summons 5 heatseeking missiles dealing medium each missile.
Hazelock - Giant Beam Caos charges up his sword and fires a massive beam dealing insane damage. Can be warned by a rune circle thing.
Dark Hazelock - Tracker Missile Fires an even stronger missile from Caos' sword.
Dark Hazelock - Orb Swarm Same function as Avaxus' Act 62 moveset.
Dark Hazelock - Meteor Starstorm Rains purple meteors from the sky. It's like Anatis' and Shuu's meteors, but bigger and deal insane damage.
Dark Hazelock - Soul Stealer Guldan's signature ability. Can deal high damage and lifesteal.
Chaos Lock - Whirlpool of the Abyss Summons a whirlpool around him consuming players who step on it.
Chaos Lock - Melonus' Chaos Wrath He was taught this move, by Melonus. He will eventually use this on half health. and will start charging his Illuminatic Crescendo to unleash a large AoE.
Dreadlock - Spike Barrage Slams the ground and sends spikes to EVERYONE and EVERYBODY dealing low damage.
Dreadlock - Doombringer's Flame Breathes purple haze fire dealing low-high damage.


Here are some of his friends, those who are known entities/allies.

- Illus Bandito

- Sycorem Sinasco

- Terranor P. Sharknado

- Dun Fear

- Magmus Incinerem

- Cryoreo Frozotus

- Dominus Corruptus

- Daeryn Entioch

And a few others.

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