"Kill me" -Toby 2017

"Dont worry, its being closed down" -LS77 1337

Moveset and shit

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - HOW? Ask "HOW DO I GET KING" or "HOW DO I GET MINATO" or even the question no one can ask "HOW DO I GET MAGIC MARIO?! LOL I WANT TO BE CHARACTER" Destroys your brain cells. None.
E - DA BEST. Play as a horrible DB character, and say it is the best character in DB. Death None
R - LOL GIBE ME Annoy a random admin by complaining that they won't give you a exclusive character. Admins hate him! None
F - HATE DB. Get T R I G G E R E D because someone in your server said "DELETE DB" or "HATE DB" K I L L M E None
Q - RIP DB LOL! Get angry at roblox because DB is going to be deleted and reworked. SEND HELP -Toby None


  • Toby was locked in a basement and forced to make a edgy OC. (Coming soon)
  • The game will be closed on 9/23/2017 (CELEBRATE THAT DAY)


*Insert edgy backstory here* (Im serious put a edgy backstory here)

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