Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Tip your cap,and then fire your gun for high damage. 1/10 chance to shoot an explosive bullet that unleashes multiple Aether explosions for the same damage. 300 2 seconds
RMB Rapidly unload your AK-47 while screaming loudly. Total - 300 damage. 5 seconds
E Throw forward a briefcase,that opens and explodes into a cluster of Aether explosions. 600 5 seconds.
R Tip your cap,and a grenade slides out of it. You proceed to kick it forward,causing high AoE damage. 500 4 seconds
F The screen goes black and white (for all players) and jazz music will play. You will have no cooldowns for 5 seconds,and will receive a 10% damage boost. 0 25 seconds.
Q (1/1/1 ONLY) Shoot a grapple from your gun,then hook to it. Can be used twice. Only can be used once you have reached your destination. 0 0 Seconds (or until you reach the wall)


Increase LMB damage.

Increase F duration

Increase explosion size.


"...I ruled the streets, Nobody messed with Calico. Until those damn cartel members messed up time" Calico says to Varia. "I had it all,fame,fortune, and power. I had a company,a large one too, we had taken over half of the town. Few came in,few came out of the building. We had top notch security,but one man had broken in. They call him uh..som'in like 'Sketon Vacia.' He robbed us for 2.4 million dollars,and got away with it. I sent out the top members of my team to track him down. They were called the Inner Allies,and they had their own company too." Is all he says to team Varia. What he left out,however, is he is an extremely strong member of the team,capable of destroying buildings with one single bullet. Sketon Vacia however,stole something more than cash. He stole the mix of Flames of Fate that powered up Calico,unleashing his full potential. After he lost this,he was weakened,but he can still get it back.


  • He is the leader of The Inner Allies
  • He is full on Italiano!