My last OC before I leave the db community for a good bit,maybe forever. It just isnt that fun anymore. I may come back eventually,if something really exciting happens there. But as for now,the game is just fight,farm and chat. Not too exciting after you've played for a year and found every secret,made 4 characters,and made your share of friends.

Key Desc DMG Cooldown Life Gain
LMB You swing your scythe

(For every landed hit,goes up by 10.)

This move is like a combo,where after 3 LMBs you do another type of hit.

Swing -> Swing -> Swing -> Heal for 10 HP. (Not max HP)

1 1 second +5 max HP
RMB You bow down,and go into Sitting Crane position,where you gain a forcefield with 1500 HP. After shield depletes,cooldown commenses. (Cannot attack during this) 1 second


seconds after shield is destroyed.

1500 shield health.
E You toss your scythe into the air for 30 seconds. During this time you cannot attack,and have lowered HP. But if you survive,HP will be doubled,and you will get double damage for 15 seconds. Double damage for 15 seconds 1 second. (Keep in mind it lasts for 30 seconds,so its a 31 second cooldown technically.) x2 (stacks)
R If within 5 seconds,you die,you will deal triple the damage the final hit from an enemy did back to them. x3 last hit taken 50 seconds. 0
F Hold for more damage. Starts at 100,goes up by 50 per second.HP is lowered by 200 during charge. You CAN NOT MOVE DURING THIS,AND ARE VULNERABLE TO ATTACKS. 100 x (seconds x 50) 30 seconds. 80 max HP
Passive1 After death,you have a 30% to revive...AT 50 HEALTH. 0 After death +50 max HP
Passive2 Acts like a "revenge" feature,where if a team mate dies you get +50 MAX HP,and +50 damage per LMB. <- <- <-

Second form:

Weapon: He loses the scythe,and then gains purple fire glowing from both of his fists.

Speed changes to 30

Loses health gain

Stays at 500 health,and cannot regen unless you land the F.

Key Desc DMG CD
LMB You do 3 punches in a row,each for 222-222-111 damage. 555 2 seconds
E You dash in a random direction. (Forward,backwards,left,right). The longer you hold it,the further you go. (Max: 10 seconds) 200 contact damage. 5 seconds
R You fly up,and have 5 seconds to choose where to go,before you slam down dealing high damage. (50% it doesnt go the direction you want it to,and takes you somewhere else.) 2500 8 seconds
F You put your hands together,and charge a beam. If this beam hits,you will regen 50 HP,or regen 10 HP. 500 10 seconds


Cadaver appears to be a teenage male with long,purple,spotted hair,purple skin and torn armor. His weapon of choice is a bone scythe,with several spikes coming off of it. His facial expression is rather dull,and features a gaping open mouth,with drool coming out.


First off,the reason why reviving is bad is because if you die and you want to choose another character,you cant. Also,you only revive at 50 hp,and have to wait for other team members to die if you ever want to keep living.

Also,a shot of his front:


Also, a the pros and cons of switching to his 2nd form:

Pros: Higher damage,higher speed

Cons: Loses BOTH of his passives,and is quite random.


starts off in Twig's graveyard

Twig: O h. W h o a r e y o u?

Calico: Im Calico,the leader of the Inner Allies. We've come for somebody here.

Twig: Nobody is here but me. Unless you want a dead body. I can do that.

Dedre: Ac'ully pard'ner. Thats the thing. We DID come for a rootin tootin bullseye shootin body.

Twig: Y o u r e a n n o y i n g.

Calico: Anyways,have you seen him? Hes uh..a purple..thing? He has a scythe an-

Twig: Oh,him. Yeah hes in that grave over there.

Jexx: Ill dig him up.


Cadaver: I see somebody has awoken me from my slumber..?

Jexx: We did.

Cadaver: Then ill spar you. En garde!


Jexx: oh jeez that was hard :U

Borin: He totally copied my colors :^(

Cadaver: Hmph. You guys are strong.


Cadaver: Im not even done yet! Now for full power!

*after fight*

Cadaver: I dont think I have any fight left in me.

Calico: Come with us.

Cadaver: No. Im not joining any of you. Im going straight for Team Dimensiona.

Calico: Yeah..good luck with that.

Cadaver: IT'LL HAPPEN! day...eventually...maybe.