Bultimate Bibler661 is rumored to be the reincarnation of Ultimatesilver661, Which everybody calls him a weeb because of CARTOONist.

oh he's also in the B squad too i guess

He is the second strongest member of the B squad.


Bultimate Bibler wears rainbow clothes, And has the same hair and unicorn as Cartoonist and Ultimatesilver, But has goggles that cover his eyes.


He has a very Overinflated Ego and very insecure person due to everybody calling him a filthy fucking weeaboo, which isn't true, due to bultimate bibler not liking anime.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Pillowcut Bultimate Flails his Body Pillow around, Anything hit by it will cause the pillow to turn into paper, causing papercuts. (DoT) 500

150 (DoT)

0.7 seconds
E Paperpain Spin Around in a circle, Throwing tons of Origami knives around, Which can arc in any direction its thrown. 350 7 seconds
R Pillowbreak Break your pillow in half, Causing it to fire feathers which are as sharp as steel. 450 13 seconds
F I can't last the addiction. Take A Light blue pill, Increasing your stats MAJORLY, But after 30 seconds, You lose stats for 2 minutes, Taking 10 pills will turn you into a grotesque mutant being, And then implode. 500 stat buff 2 and a half minutes
Q rabbit sounds Make Rabbit sounds. 0 seconds


So basically ultimate is drawing some HIP TEN YEAR VERSIONS OF CHARACTERS, but is attacked by some whacky stranger who has a mask, Repeatedly stabbing ultimate until he died, The gods fucking murdered that bicc by ripping him in half (this was nabaja when he was secretly evil because lore) And Reborn Ultimate, But He had become different, And now designs Pillows made out of paper, Which feel as soft as normal pillows, This of course, The lord Spapraspam Decided to say "hey nibba you wanna join the B squad", He Accepted the offer due to how insecure he was from everybody saying hes a weeb, This of course, Brought him to the Noob Squad, A Minor squad of retarded assholes with no fighting experience, Which he took advantage of, torturing three of them until they told them about their squad, The others retreated, Scared for their lives from the power of the B squad, With Foxxco along though, The Noob squad had planned a hidden attack, Memer dreamer leading the cause, Spapraspam was like "shit man its a dead meme" And Fucking Beat the shit out of him until he died of internal bleeding, Because hes fucking god himself yo. Bultimate Beat the shit out of all the weaker Noob Squad members, Snapping necks, But heavily damaged, Had to hide behind cover and let the others do the job. Foxxco got only one hit due to him not paying attention. This was how Bultimate was recruited.