Brock Calypso is an OC for the game, Devil Beater. His creator is Calibrius.


Brock Calypso is one of the lead members in his guild, Brock's Legion, where he will attempt to take on Studdton's toughest security to summon a beacon of space sources and take over the world ahuehuwhuwhuwehuehuheuheuhuehuehe


Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB: Sword Strike Strike 3 times with your sword if mouse clicks consecutively. If charged, it deals high damage plus an AoE. 200 - Normal

325 - Charged

1 second - Normal

2 seconds - Charged

E: Lunar Revertion Brock implants a curse on himself, increasing attack and defense but lowers in speed. Curse 24 seconds
R: Space Heart Brock uses the Heart of the Universe, to speed him up greatly. Buff 36 seconds
F: Elemental Gathering Uses the elements of the Earth to summon orbs and unleash havoc upon your enemies 150 upon activation 4 seconds


Brock is rather courageous and serious when it comes to his job as leader to make sure his legion is safe. However, since Cielo and Gladia's arrival, he has seen much more of them and wants to find them for a quick "reunion".


Here are the "Elemental Gathering" orb colors:

  • Red - Basic damaging orb which summons a pillar upon activation.
  • Blue - Same as Red, but freezes anyone who gets hit.
  • Yellow - Throwable projectile dealing high damage and DoT.
  • White - Same as Yellow but knocks enemies back when hit.
  • Green - Healing orb, heals allies around its area.
  • Purple - Summons a hooded clone to fight for Brock.
  • Black - Siphons "massive" health from the enemy with low damage dealt.
  • Orange - Unleashes a bigger explosion causing medium wreckage.

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