dolor masculum is a member of the b squad thats made out of paper what


hes made out of paper and has a blue and green striped shirt and black pants and shoes and wears a thinking bowler hat


dolor masculum is confused a lot so he says "what" allot


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
lmb WOAH WHAT punch and a fist comes out of your fist and flies forwards 250 1
e thinking place down your bowler hat which shoots thinkings, every 1 second it loses 5 damage 300 3
r HOLY SHIT WHAT your other arm becomes whacky and a tube man and inflates and becomes a fucking masssive noodle and you fling but dont take any damage, anything hit by your wacky inflatable noodle arm takes damage 350 5
f IS THIS LSD HOLY FUCK lots of colours from the roblox colour spectrum fly out of you in different directions and angles 400 7
q cosmicpower cosmicthink blesses you with its power stat boost which increases health by 250 and damage by an amount and adds new movesets NO GOING BACK
lmb finger beam fire a finger beam that doesnt take a while to reach its location 500 1
e cosmicthink same as normal e but shoots cosmicthinks and loses no power 550 3
r airplane of paper fire a paper airplane that explodes on contact with anything 600 5
f hands up hugo leopardi become joel miller from lisa the pointless and aim your gun at a foe making them unable to move or jump to protect alex churchland none it just stuns them until the effect is over 7
lmb SPIRIT BEAM fire a beam which explodes into litteraly a nuke 750 1
e i'm nobody in particular beat the fuck out of an enemy using your spirit beams at close range, you're immune while this effect is active 800 3
r mind games stare at your foe and your eye becomes red and BEGONE THOT lens flare omits from it, which makes you 90% less targetted by enemies and you gain 50 health every second for 10 seconds none but holy shit its useful 10
f you'll get your's one day, cute stuff! throw a rubber projectile at your foes 5000 2 minutes


do a ritual to summon cosmic think and universal think

do a ritual to summon cosmic think and universal think, if all are 15'd you get cosmicthink powers, if 50 you get universalthink powers, which increase health to 750

do a ritual to summon cosmic think and universal think


dolor masculum was being drawn by a shitty artist, and was printed. the artist's sheet didnt appear and instread, it had went INSIDE the computer to of which the reality of where the b squad was. the b squad began to do a ritual which would make the printed paper alive, and created dolor masculum. spapraspam then sent shpitz ballow to battle him, shpitz ballow lost, even though he was the fifth strongest b squad member. spapraspam was suprised, and allowed him into the b squad, the n force then attacked later that day, bublimate bibler took on noob jamar, spapraspam attacked most of them, and shpitz and dolor fought saint nolver. the fight was pointless, as for the B squad had more poewrful members, they retreated, running off before they could deal any damage to the squadron.