Bartholomew Hugo is an OC for Devil Beater


Silhouette : His silhouette looks like a black figure with a black note crown above his head with a black bowler hat and dark shades.

Full : His full body looks like he has a white and blue suit with a white and blue bottom.He has workclock shades and the piano man bowler.He also has the full colored crown of tones above his head.


Key Description DMG CLD
LMB Hugo throws music notes of 6 kinds.The most common one to the most rarest one.These symbols are ranked if they appear the most or not.

Crochet = Common

Quaver = Uncommon

Treble Clef = Rare

Bass Clef = Super Rare

C Clef = Ultra Rare

Octave Clef = Legendary





Treble Clef:


Bass Clef:


C Clef:


Octave Clef:


E The player forms a circle on the floor.After a few moments ghost notes fly up to the sky until its maximum height limit.If made contact with the enemy,the enemy will be confused and thinks the player is infront of him for a certain period of time.After a certain amount of time,the confusion stops.

Confusion lasts for 3 seconds if hit.If all notes hit it lasts for 8 seconds.If the player died after the enemy got hit once or more times,the confusion won't take effect.

60 (Per ghost note) 9s

(after the circle has faded away and confusion is gone)

R Hugo makes a time signature called "specific time - compound signatures".As it forms the player is holding it upside down on its hand to make it as a gun.After formed,you can press lmb 3 times to fire your shot.After 3 shots the signature dissapears 150 (PER SHOT IF HIT) 16s (after gun disappears)
F A large green diminuendo pyramid closes on the player,after closing in,it explodes into a crescendo pyramid which increases in size.

After the maximum size of the crescendo has taken place,there will be a rain of "Glissandos" happens.If the glissandos touch the ground,it will make fade and turn into a large size while it's fading.

The rain lasts for 10 seconds

Diminuendo: 170





34s (after the glissandos rain finishes)


  • Increase Frequencies (Size) and damage


  • Decrease F's cooldown
  • Increase F's Glissandos size and range

Enemy Moves

  • Hugo will throw big notes at a long range.
  • The circle becomes larger in a long range,after a few moments ghost notes fly up to the sky and then home the enemy.
  • His diminuendo and crescendo are extremely large and the glissando rain duration is long.
  • His specific time compound signature can do AOE if made contact with the floor and with body it will do double the damage
  • He has an extra move which he forms multiple (3) big Octave Clefs that go on the ground which are facing down.After impact,they create a giant shockwave on the ground which can do bonus damage to the enemy if hitted by the Octave Clef.


His personality varies upon main elements,but his personality type is:

Causing Chaos,Protective,Staying active and respecting tradition.


VCSH (Valk Con Soul Hugo. AKA. 10yr Bartholomew Hugo)

Valk Con Soul Hugo or also known as 10yr Bartholomew Hugo is an OC for Devil Beater.


VCSH has adurite shutter shades along side a halloween bowler,an orange suit and black pants.With the inclusion of the " DON'T WAKE ME UP FACE "


Key Description DMG CLD
Passive There will be 3 orange spinning tone crowns above the player. Math.Huge




LMB The player spins his arms and they form an orange tone crown while spinning.

(Must be holded to last longer)


(per hit)



E Form a orange tone crown above your 3 orange spinning crowns and it shoots musical notes.It shoots the Octave Clef more than 20 times in a span of 10 seconds. 200



(After turret is gone)

R VCSH will form a large orange head above the sky,then it shoots a barrage of octave clefs,after 29 shots it forms a giant octave clef for the finisher.After the bullets are done the head falls off and rolls to the enemy and if made contact with the enemy or an object it forms a ginormous explosion which can go in a large scale. 90

(Octave Clefs)


(Giant Octave Clef)




(after turret has exploded)

F The player's spinning orange tone crowns above them go to the roof and shoot down 9 pillars.After 9 pillars it shoots 3 pillars at the same time above the enemy. 250



(Final Pillar)


(after the pillars were shot)

Q The player punches the enemy and throws the enemy in the air,and then kicks it to the ground. 100





(after kick)

50/50/50 Moves

V VCSH will form a dark orange square,it is filled with a high amount of orange colored haze,if made contact with the enemy it will be poisoned.

The poison lasts for 5 seconds.




H The player forms orange spheres which homes the enemy on all sides. After 3 seconds of the spheres touching the enemy (all of them), a square falls down of the sky and cracks the floor, if hitted on the enemy it does heavy damage. And then the square fades away after 5 seconds. 70

(orange spheres)





  • Increase attack size
  • Decrease cooldowns
  • Increase damage


VCSH's personality is just his normal personality but mixed with haze after 10yr training.

The haze part is:

Believing whats right to self,follow neither good or bad,unlimited freedom for self and pursuing pleasure.


  • 10yr Hugo shows his personality via N-force Fanfic.