Banana Slamma is a joke OC for DEVOH BEEDUH. Woah.

He was created by Filthy_Sinner.

Banana Slamma is literally the best thing ever. Maybe. Probably not...


It's down theeeeerree.


Key Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switchy A Tosses your HAMMA SLAMMA in front of you for medium damage/knockback, also switching to your fists. 200 6s
LMB SLAM SLAMMAs the ground for high damage and a small AoE with knockback. 300 direct

125 aoe

E i fell Literally rips your head off and tosses it behind you. Enemies that step on it take minor damage and fall over. Your head returns after 2 seconds. 50 5s
R BOOM Slams your hammer into the ground five times to create AoE explosions. Each explosion gets larger and does more damage. 200 [1]

225 [2]

250 [3]

275 [4]

300 [5]

F 9.8 is my acceleration Spins around a few times while dashing in the direction of your mouse. If an enemy is hit they take insane damage and are sent flying. High lifesteal. 750 16s

This moveset is for his hammer.

Key Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Q Switchy B Creates a single AoE pulse and also gives you your hammer back. 150 6s
LMB JOJO PLS Hold down LMB to punch rapidly for high low-range damage. 50 per punch

10 lifesteal per punch

0.2s (auto)
E Banana ranga Tosses a banana boomerang that repeatedly hits enemies for medium damage. 100 per hit

5 lifesteal per hit

R dude no you gotta stop Banana Slamma tosses a somewhat large clock that moves at a somewhat slow speed. If an enemy is hit, it makes a small AoE and slows all victims down by 40% for 3 seconds. Also inflicts minor DoT damage/lifesteal. 225 damage

25 DoT

10 HoT (heals over time)

F avaxus ripoff Banana Slamma tries to grab the nearest opponent. If they are grabbed, he does a ton of JoJo punches. There is a 25% chance of activating an aura that increases damage and speed by 50% for 20 seconds. This buff affects you and nearby allies. 50 x20 per punch

2 LS per punch

4s (miss)

30s (hit)

And this one is for his fists.


- Increases the amount of potassium you store! MORE POWER! (All stats up - HP = 10.76*upgrades, DMG = +2.3% per upgrade, Speed = 0.17*upgrades)

- Gives you the ability to fight at the speed of sound! (All cooldowns reduced by 0.77% per upgrade)

- Create shockwaves the size of a mountain! (All AoE sizes increased by 3% per upgrade)


Banana Slamma's backstory is quite possibly the simplest ever.

He was literally just a banana peel with too much potassium. So...he somehow grew a body. Because that makes sense. >:U

In actuality though, Banana Slamma is just a joke that I had thought of quite a while ago. I wanted to make some sort of meme, thus causing me to create this abomination. Really I don't know if I'm proud of this or not.

This probably isn't a good joke OC.

But here you go anyways.


Banana Slamma was the result of me reading the fanon wikia a bunch and getting bored.

His hammer name pretty much consists of every word you can think of that ends in "amma" with the word "banana" at the start. So something like Banana slamma hamma jamma flamma...etc

That's...that's all, I guess.

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