he is man with nice shoulder and abs so hicc u can play tic tac toes witout losin. he has that swetty spagetti hair that drip from hot dig dig dog,with swetty spagetti as topgings. his pepon of choices be the slamma jamma zamma zoo we mam

key desc cccd desc
lmb shoot ur hamer tehn slash sword for not good damage but get good damage if you land all hits 9 hits totel hotel. 5 tic tac toes so u do thing
e do cool swing and spin circle 5 ab make swerty wap good again
r jam sword 2 ground and slam with hamer like nail and cause sovet rusha to rise and kil enemy!!!!!!!!!!! 3 google noodles hey lets listen to burno mars said no1 ever
who needs an f those are boring xd xd xd

a flamma ramma stick in wamma fetty wap pamma stamma stamina flamina xan flamina flamingo hamma,and the fricken chicken picken tickle pickle pounder. he is the founder of the fricken chicken picken tickle pickle pounder,too. did i mention his shoulders be thicc like 4 shoders who dus that xddd and look a dose lips dey bey like wattttttttttttttttttttttt


he gets mad fast >:( but is very nice :) and gets upset when loses :( but then angry and strong >:D and wen he lose after dat he gets brave :^) and gets wafle (>*-*)># and eat waffle (>*#*<) then get strong again :^)


tic tac your toes more (+1 stats)

5% more f damage

all about hotline bling it can mean 1 thing when u call me somethin ssomething on the ring