Balistique Anomalie is an oc created by FrostedPerson.
Key Attack DMG Cooldown
LMB Shoot your sniper. 100 DMG, x10 if headshot. 1 Second
E Throw a smoke container. N/A, but despawns enemy projectiles. 5 Seconds
R Reload your sniper. Reloads all of the 6 bullets. 1 Second
F Upgrade your sniper to shoot Agni Rockets for 30 seconds. (Agni Rockets - 500 DMG plus Burn for 6 seconds.) N/A, but it changes the LMB, and no no reloading. 60 Second
Q Take out a stack of knives, and start throwing like mad. 100 Per Knife. Switches LMB too. (changing from Q to Normal is 10 seconds.)
T Zoom in. N/A N/A


- Extra Lifesteal on all attacks.

- Increase F Duration.

- Decrease all Cooldowns.