Some page where Primos and Kings OCs combine

Move title Move Dmg Cooldown
Slash! (lmb) He slashes his Icy Isotope Sword three times which do 33 dmg each. 50 life steal per slash 33 (per slash) 3 seconds


Summons 6 Kamekaze Shadow noobs 200 (per minion) 30 seconds
Icy Clone! (r) Makes 10 Icy homing sword clones (20 life steal) 50 (per sword) 10 seconds
Truely Angery (f) Turns angery, making all cooldowns 0 for 5 seconds

Atk doubled for 20 seconds and HP 1.5x Forever

NaN 60 seconds
A Precise Taunt (T) Spouts out Understandable Quotes NaN 0
Mask allying! (M) Slaps a mask onto a Ally, doubles all their stats and halves cooldown for 20 seconds Helps others lmao 20 Seconds
He flies yet again (B) Flies for 20 seconds and then jumps onto the nearest enemy, sucking their blood for 5 lifesteal per 0.01 seconds

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