Ares Nichiko is based off of the user, AlexiosZ.

Currently, he does not have any offical pose, so just wait and don't finna bust yet.


Description Damage Cooldown
Q Calls out a set of flying chainblades around him to attack with. N/A N/A
LMB Ares smashes down the chainblades in front of him for medium damage. (In a combo formation, so essentialy smash down, side, up, then other side.) 25 0.5 seconds
E The chainblades change formation and turn into a giant chainblade to lance forwards for high damage 50 3 seconds
R Ares forces the chainblades to go in an erratic attack formation that goes in a sphere that do high damage per chainblade dealing contact on enemies (and this has armor pierce, counter, and resistance if a chainblade is hit) 70 (35 if it's a counter) 10 seconds
F Ares slowly flies up into the air by using his chainblades then starts throwing each chainblade directly at the enemy one by one to do massive damage, then he falls down, losing his chainblades for 5 seconds. (The chainblades do armor pierce too.) 90 (100 if the explosion effect happens.) 30 seconds
X Slap’s the enemy with all his chainblades for 300 damage, this also stuns the enemy for 2 seconds. 300 5 seconds
T Ares faceplants on the ground, causing a bigger shockwave than Lisuke, and does over 1,000 damage if the enemy even touches the edge of the shockwave. 1,000-10,000 20 seconds
Passive Ares leaves a trail of electricity behind him, dealing 20 base damage if an enemy touches it. This caused them to be stunned for 0.2 seconds and has a small knockback with it. Ares can make this electricity to explode with his F, the explosions do 100 damage and do a 5 second stun. Ares can also throw all his chainblades in mouse direction after a use of a 2nd E. In addition, after the combo L-Click is done twice, Ares has the ability to throw all his chainblades in mouse direction, and fly towards them to proceed attacking. (Unlocked at 50/50/50) 20 2.5 seconds per lightning trail.
G Ares grabs a fake Wooden Window and breaks him in half, causing a nuke to kill himself and all enemies by dealing 100,000 damage. YOU KNOW THE DAMAGE, THIS IS WHY IT'S 100/100/100 ONLY. Too long to count because ARES IS DEAD.
  • His 50/50/50 unlock is the X and T moves, deal with it nerds.


  • Increases damage drastically
  • Increase amount of chainblades
  • Increases damage even more


Too long for now, I'm too lazy to write it fully but here's the TL;DR version.

TL;DR version:

Ares was neglected all his life since he was technically the test child of his family and then he managed to get a good life somehow by only going to community college and met his wife, about 6 years later (current time for DB), a robber comes in their house andd Ares catches the robber trying to kill his wife, Ares grabbed a gun and held it at the robber, but accidently shot it at his wife in the head then loses it and shoots the robber 9 times in the chest and head. He then goes to his parent's house where Lucifer and Aiko were living in as well. He shot and killed his mom, dad, and Aiko. Lucifer barey escapes and Ares goes off to the DB mafia hell filled with retards and joins the Cartel to hunt down and kill Lucifer only.


Lucifer Caliber: His younger brother who he wants to kill over his loss of his only true love.

Angelo Caliber: Wait, why is Angelo in this situation, he still needs to die according to Ares.


December Shui: go kys you stripper hoe, you will die in front of my god damn useless brother now

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