"Arcana Arp is an inside joke for a few people, but I guess I made it into a character." ~Awua

I was hoping it would be a flux user :U ~firehyperking


Arcana is typically dressed in a traditional cultist's dark hood, but cultists are now more modern and wear t-shirts 'n jeans. Arcana has a hood and a dark t-shirt, along with a regular dark pair of pants.

oh yeah, did i mention arcana has horns, too?




Key Description Damage Cooldown
Passive If Arcana falls in battle without redeeming her sacrifices, the Deity will be enraged and deal damage to enemies on the field, depending on the sacrifice amount. Varies It's a flippin' passive, ye idiot
LMB Arcana manipulates the earth and creates a line of ten spikes which deal high damage. It's short ranged. 50 per spike 5 seconds
E Arcana sacrifices some max hp to gain the favor of a Deity, increasing her speed and gaining sacrifices.

No sacrifice cap - max speed cap is of 100.

-10 max hp

+5 sacrifice

+5 walkspeed

5 seconds
R Arcana applies the sacrifices made in the Deity's name to increase damage of herself and her allies.

*it's a percentage increase, so it's veri powerful ([x/10 + 100]% increase, if x was sacrifice total)

Varies* 30 seconds

Active: Arcana cuts her walkspeed by 90 percent to heal her allies triumphantly.


Active: 20 seconds

Q With a stroke of luck, the Deity blesses Arcana and restores her max hp. Sets max HP to 600 120 seconds


-Decreases cooldowns on "F" and "Q"

-Increases base walkspeed (every 5 upgrade points increases it by 1)


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