AomyLE Is yet another character for my group of characters, called the "Spiders", he is based on the real user "AomyLEX", however, he doesn't look like how I describe this OC.


Aomylex wears a scarf, has glasses on his face, carries an ipad around, and has a stereotypical noob body.

Move set

(note: I added one more thing to the character, it's cause of it's passive).

Key Power Cooldown Info Lag
F N/A N/A User heals half a quarter of his health. N/A
PASSIVE N/A N/A Any thing that attacks it will slow down, start to lag up, and if they hit the user to much, they'll take tons of damage. 10
Left Click 100 5 The user grabs his ipad, and any enemy around him takes damage. 50
E 200 20 The user grabs his Ipad, and any enemy will take damage. 200
R 300 One act The user break his ipad, causing a big explosion. 100


AomyLE was once a normal player. He played Xoblor, enjoyed him self, friends with soon to-be back stabbing admins, he enjoyed himself He was friend with many, then, when of couple of his friends became admins, they back stabbed him, banned him, told lies, he became hated.. Out of rage, he used his Nen, and killed them.. He was sent to jail, and sentence to death in a month. At his luck, the Spider's leader saved him. He joined, since the leader didn't offer hi but, he wanted to join. He became a member, and was the most liked of the 12.. He enjoyed him self.


Aomy is quite childish, likes to family roleplay, and is kinda weird. However, he still loved by the Spiders!


This oc was based of an alt, and that alt's main account story on how he got back stabbed.

Like Machi, he wont get a character picture until I can add it.