Anzor Demir is an upcoming character based of the user LogansAlt77 which is currently being bought . (Or not idk lol)


Anzor has light blue hair,he wears black clothing with red lines.He also has white skin and wears a death bowling hat with the addition of the squiggle face.


Key Name Description Damage CLD
LMB None Demir slashes his Fencing Blade at the enemy.After hitting the enemy bleeds for 3 seconds. 95



E Blade summon The player summons fencing foils from the ground (3), it homes to the enemy after 2 seconds from being summoned.If hit the enemy bleeds for 3 seconds (yet again). 150



R Foil Rain Fencing foils fall from the sky above the player for 7 seconds.After hitting the enemy,it starts bleeding for 5 seconds. 170

(per fencing foil)



F Golden Wave Alot of golden fencing foils appear sideways behind the player.After 3 seconds they home at the enemy in a wave-like form.If hit the bleed lasts for 3 seconds.If combined with the material changer it will do more damage.

Fire: Does DoT which lasts for 5 seconds

Ice: Slows the enemy for 30 seconds and does frostbite.


Bleed: 10

Fire: 230 + 45

Ice: 63 + 230

C Material Changer Changes the Blade's color and its functions a bit

ICE (Slows down enemies for 30 seconds and gives extra damage to the hit thanks to frostbite)

FIRE (DoT for 5 seconds per hit [NOTE: after you hit the enemy the 2nd time without waiting after 5 seconds,you will do normal damage])

NORMAL (Do i need to explain?)

Fire: DoT for a certain period of time.

Ice:Does extra dmg to the enemy and slows the enemy down for a small period of time.

5s (Material change)


None The player stands still in kneeling position putting the fencing blade down on the floor.Then the fencing foil turns black.It now gets new abilities alongside a purple explosion which turns the fencing foil into gold.The explosion is harmless. 0 once perlife

New Abilities or Attack Change (50/50/50)

Key Name Description Damage CLD
LMB None The player rapidly stabs the fencing foil to the enemy

(Hold to continue stabbing)


Ice: 30 + 170

Fire: 2 per second



E None The player kicks on the enemy, after the kick the enemy, fencing foils surround the enemy in a form of a circle.After 3 seconds the foil homes the enemy. 70 (per fencing foil)



R None A blade forms out of the player's hand, it flys to the enemy and after hit it goes back to the players hand like a boomerang 200 10s
F None A random barrage of small meteors appear (point to the direction you want), then the player makes a beam of light,fire,or ice to the enemy.If material on it will do the same damage but added with the burn or frostbite. 200

Ice: 200 + 50

Fire: 5 per sec



C Material Change Literally the same material changer as before the attack change after pressing X. 0 5s (Material change)


  • Increase damage and bleed damage
  • Increase Health and speed
  • Decrease F's cooldown (not 50/50/50 move)


Since he was a child, he wanted to be in a group so he can participate in things.After he grew up he was slowly accomplishing his dream.But he went in a mental crisis which leaded him to murder people to fix himself slowly.He can't decide the good or bad,he does whatever he wants just to get himself fixed.But after the crisis,he found the group of the OUTCASTS.He joined the group cause it was his dream since he was a child.After joining the outcasts,he felt pretty good,since he expected what he wanted like his dream.He made good friends like Vidor and others,which help him.


Just some Haze worker which has a sin when hes poked on. When he gets poked on by 2-3 people his sin just turns his hat purple and attack them while poked too much. Mostly he works on Jamar's Calv Bar and gets payed to do his excellent work on being a bartender in Jamar's Calv Bar. He's well respected by many who come in. Sometimes he accidently got into a thottie accident and he had to eliminate thot and declared bar peace after thot died.


  • Vidor Xanthos: He is one of his favorite friends,he spent most of his time with him and played with things with Vidor while at the same time cooperating in missions made by the outcasts.


  • This OC is made by the same creator who made Vidor (NO SHIT SHERLOCK!)
  • His first name came from the Caucasian region and the last one came from Egypt (not sure if its from Egypt or something cause i don't remember)
  • Anzor now knows how to put a hat
  • If you haven't noticed I'll add something new here.The material concept is like this:
  1. Depending on the damage of the normal one,the Ice will slow down the enemy and do damage at the same time if material changer activated.Which means its the normal damage 200 added to the frostbite, 250 in total.
  2. In the case of the burn, it goes like this: If fire, normal damage plus the DoT on the enemy.Like Kyrio for instance, he has Normal damage (example : 50) combined with the DoT of the burn (let's say 5 per second).If the DoT lasts for 10 seconds, it will be 100 damage in total if: 50 dmg added with the multiplication of 5 dmg by 10 seconds.In total it will do 100, in general its the attack's damage added with the DoT damage and duration.


This document shows which people are gonna get anzor demir free,has blacklist and the last one has some secret 0/0/0 (secret 0/0/0 is a joke :^) )

^ document