Anpan man is too fabulous to need to be described. he is so fabulous that one cannot describe his appearance.

Move set

name key cooldown power info
ANPANNNNNCHHHHHH F 10 second infinity Anpan Man ready's his fist and punch any haters he punch
BAKE SALE [Passive] 30 sec adding hp Anpan Man's minions sells anco pan and each time a anco pan gets sold, Anpan Man permanently grows hp and his LMB hotness.
EAT THIS LMB 0 how hot the anco pan is Anpan Man throws a anco pan at the enemy dealing how hot the pan is.
I CAN FLY E 5 sec N/A Anpan Man flys. this will last until the user press E again.
LOOK! A DOGGY R 10 sec 20% hp and 5% dmg Anpan Man calls a stand named wooby who looks like a dog.
USHAAAAAAAAAAAAA Q 1 sec 70 dmg per punch Anpan Man does a consecutive punch. this will last for 10 sec and does AoE dmg. if Anpan Man called his dog, it will last 15 second.


  • increase life-steal
  • decrease his passive time
  • increase speed


Anpan Man was bored of his kid show so he decided to go to devil beater because it was his favourite game but sadly dragger hated Anpan Man's show. now he is in the fanon section and hoped to be in the game.


  • YOU
  • DONT
  • NEED
  • TO
  • KNOW
  • HIM
  • TO
  • BE