Ammon is an OC for Devil Beater.


Ammon dons an orange warrior cloak and armor. He has light brown hair and wears a small turban. He wields a huge sword with two small purple emblems on each side.


Derived from the sands of Egypt, Ammon is a warrior known for his sand-manipulating powers. An elite guardian to the Pharaoh. Ammon has faced many challenges. He had gotten into a fight with Osiris (God of the Underworld and Afterlife) as Ammon did not accept the fact that he had died. After a long fight, he escaped from Purgatory and came back to the Over-world, healthy and alive.

Ammon was born from a wealthy Egyptian family. Neglected by them, he ran away from the horrific family and was not seen again. Until one day, he was found by Ra, the God of the Sun, who took him to the Pharaoh. As the Egyptian King, he granted Ammon with powers that no other Egyptian has ever gotten. The Pharaoh called the Gods. He was awe struck by the magic they had given him: the power to manipulate sand and use it as a weapon. He is now the elite guardian to the Pharaoh.


Ammon is constantly calm and rarely loses his cool. Always staying collected, he is very frustrated inside from all the things that have been said to him. Eventually, he can reach his peek. Where he lashes out and loses his sanity. At this point, he fights with the intent to kill.

He speaks normally like any other regular person. However, when he is angered, his dialogue is in Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Key Description Damage Cooldown

Sand Sword Slash

Swing your sword forward. Leaves a small trail of sand in which the sword is swung. The third swing will be a slam into the ground that creates a large shockwave effect with knockback. Swing 1,2''50

Swing 3


1.2 seconds.

Storm of Sands

Push your left arm forward. Creates a large blast of sand that will travel downwards then upwards shortly. This knocks enemies back greatly. 200 dmg 3 seconds.

Sands of Invisibility

Engulf yourself in sand. The sand then spreads away and you are left invisible. Your speed is increased by 8 and you become invincible. This is only for 3 seconds. Good for escaping. None 9 seconds.

God of Sand

Slowly rise into the air. Sand flies around for 3 seconds, until being dispersed in all directions. This causes great knockback and heals allies that are in the area effect. 700 dmg

50 healing

20 seconds.

Sprint of Sand

Gain 5 seconds of much extra speed. While running around, you leave a trail of cacti and sand. When an enemy touches this, they get stuck in it and incur high damage.

User exclusive and 50/50/50.

500 dmg 20 seconds.


- Increase speed.

- Increase E's "Storm of Sands" knockback.

- Decrease R's "Sands of Invisibility" cooldown.




  • Ammon is an Egyptian name, meaning "Unseen, concealed or hidden"