so uhhh..... Idk i thought a random char idea kthxbye


He has a very simplistic design. He is a Tee Vee wearing a generic hoodie with generic pants. (picture in the work because qu is a fag and needs others to do it lolkthxbyeenjoy)

personailty thingy ma bob

He's a normal person that does normal things lol. Also he pesters and annoys Theggyer on purpose to get him mad'.



They had first been friends when Amiran first started dating his sister, but after Amiran killed thegg's sister, they now hate each other and fight on sight.

theggyer and amiran actually hate each other really badly....

This is because : Amiran was friends with thegg's sister and thegg's sister did something which broke Amiran so he just killed her. Since that thegg and Amiran hate each other and fight on sight. But it's always a tie.

10 Year Memer Dreamer

These 2 are great friends because dunno.


|- |become god |fuck you shalck |shalck aint touchin dis duder |fuck you no cooldown
Button thing it does stacking power/damage cooldown
LMB Shoot a slow moving weak Projectile 50 dmg 3 seconds
E Boost damage permanently. +10 damage 30 seconds
R Boost Armor penetration permanently. *i have no idea how it works kthxbye someone help with that* 30 seconds
F Boost Health and Speed Permanently +15 health and +0.5 speed 30 seconds
T Boost speed of projectile permanently. +5 sps (studs per second) 30 seconds
G (50/50/50) Boost all attributes by a small amount permanently. +5 damage, *armor pen thing*, +5 health and 0.25 speed, +2 studs per second speed 50 seconds
X (15/15/15) Boost your ego by using various taunts. taunting thing like idk 5 seconds lol


Upgrades. (50/50/50 and 15/15/15 new moves)
Increase boost of all stacks
Decrease cooldowns
Increase speed.

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