Ambrus is an adolescent with white skin, and black hair, made by the user Griffith22. He dons a black top hat and a monocle, as well as a vest and the regular Dimensionia pants. His weapon of choice is a morphing scythe, representing different elements.


Passive: Depending on the scythe, your stats change similar to Gecko.

Key Name Description Info
LMB Slice Slice with your current weapon Depends on scythe
Q Transfer Switches your current weapon 5 second cooldown
Aether Scythe FYI - this isn’t really a scythe, just a shuriken

This scythe allows you to go faster, jump higher, and have more hp, but you do the least damage out of all the scythes.

HP - 300

LMB damage - 50
Speed - 50

Agni Scythe Insane range, a lot of damage, but because of the sheer size of the scythe, you go pretty slow. Your hp also cuts down by a tiny bit. HP - 275

LMB damage - 200

Speed - 25

Helios Scythe Your stats are a bit weaker than usual, but also buffs your skills (E, R, and F) and the LMB attacks twice as fast but with low damage. HP - 250

LMB damage - 75
Speed - 35

Narakumi Scythe Your HP is buffed, attack speed increases, but your speed stays the same and damage is decreased. HP - 275

LMB damage - 100
Speed - 35

Flux Scythe HP is massively buffed, but damage is massively weakened, and your speed is slightly decreased. HP - 400

LMB damage - 60
Speed - 30

Stratus Scythe Damage and HP are buffed moderately, but you slow down by a lot. HP - 350

LMB damage - 150
Speed - 20

Haze Scythe 2nd quickest scythe out of all the scythes, and you do insane damage, but your hp is massively decreased. HP - 125

LMB damage - 250
Speed - 45

E Defensive Stance You hold up your scythe in a defensive stance, making all damage you take lessen by 50%. -50% damage
R Slice and Dice You start rapidly slashing in front of you for 10 seconds. Speed of the slashes depends on the type of scythe you’re using. Scythe damage decreases by 75% but since its a flurry the attacks are rapid fast.
F The More the Merrier All of your scythes appear, and they circle around you. They can be launched to attack nearby enemies for 25 seconds. The stats you have are the same as the last scythe you used.


Ambrus is a very plain person, with a monotonous tone throughout him. He doesn’t show too much emotions such as fear and joy. Typically, he is interested in what other people do. Ambrus usually follows people around most of the time. He prefers to stay clean, and gets a bit mad when people mess up his clothing in any way, leading him to be disliked because of his preferred lifestyle. He doesn’t really have an element, and must rely on his weapon to be able to use FoF attacks. It also drains him of himself, and can’t use his weapon for a long amount of time before getting extremely exhausted.


Upgrade Description
Decrease cooldowns 1 point = 1% less cooldown time
Increase HP 1 point = 30 hp
Increase Speed 1 point = 0.5 walkspeed


  • Ambrus means undying/immortal, because it sounds cool :u
  • “M. Chrome” is supposed to represent “monochrome” because of his outfit, which consists of mainly black and white.