Amari is another OC made by iiNixis

Amari Qunano-manani is The Fading Shadow's brother

and is the only person alive to know Fading Shadow's

real name. (Which is actually also based on my brother Saiyenjin

[[1]] account cause that one got hacked for stupid reasons Supreme_Death [[2]]

Getting Before Shop

  • RageGaming99(A very good friend)
  • Tackyrobloxmaster22 (If he plays da damn game)
  • TheUncommonNoob (You noob)
  • Jowzie (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai)
  • xxJC- nah im kidding
  • xxlivexlifexx(You meanie)
  • kaiden10043 (I should make it numbers, thanks for all the help lately and is a friend)ok)
  • mygameduy (hadn't seen you in a while)ok)
  • benjay22 (Cause dis is ME page you nart)
  • Noobly1990 (Him and Jowzie call me Nixxy)and?)
  • mgoth ( G E T O N L I N E)
  • cobalionzekrom (uhhhhhhhhh)
  • superpowerz
  • mno-Numbers (here)
  • luigilover-numbers (ha number boi)
  • cris-numbers (AHAHAHHAHAHHA)
  • AomyNEX(basically just my friends list xd)
  • ii_Tsukiko (Saca offer and soz for the arina mixup with Tsu + Tsu.)ok)
  • daarkshaaddow
  • iiGodofDeathii (one brother but not this one)
  • Supreme_Death
  • Super_Alexei
  • CommonBandit
  • mylifeassoso
  • SaltDectector
  • Megaplayer(and numbers, answered a question)
Name Desc. Cooldown Damage
Side Arm You just shoot your wrist bands switching wrist guns every shot. .10seconds 100 dmg every hit
Suicide Kick Go close to the boss and if hit he will do a very complex move and if you dont die when going to the enemy(s) then he will not be damagable during the complex move (You kick the boss then teleport behind him/her elbowing the back of his head then teleport back to the front of the enemy shooting them in the face then teleport back behind him/her getting both wrist guns and many fireing the enemy in the back of the head)the many fire consist of 17 shots)ok) Forever 4000dmg in total (222.22222222 every hit common math xD)
Dead To Rights Get the Assule Rifle on your back and shoot like this but skip to 3:30 10 seconds 1000dmg (10 hits + 100 dmg each hit)
Collateral Damage This is to help with your Suicide Kick, block all damage by activating a buble like Peika but doesnt work on things like Nick Nebula (Robot KING) (does work when he does that move when he stays still) and Shuu. just woulnt try it on bosses with insane repeated damage. 10 seconds none


Who is his brother

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